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Emmy Rossum Fanfiction.

Emmy Rossum Fanfiction
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Welcome to, Emmy Fanfiction. The community for all your Emmy Rossum fanfic needs! There are a couple of rules to abide by and they are not that hard.

- Yes, this is a locked community. I'm doing it for your own good, trust me.

- Femslash, eh, okay. Whatever. I'll allow it only because this place is fanfiction haven, if it gets out of hand I'll ban it.

- NC-17 fics must be under a cut! EVEN DRABBLES! I don't care how short it is, it may offend some members, so put it behind a cut. Same goes with fics that are over 100 words.

- As for the NC-17 fics, she must be 18 when they take place, no execptions.

- NO pictures whatsoever here. This is only fanfiction. For pics head over to emmyfans or emmy__daily

thats all you need to follow, enjoy. :)